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Donna Rathmell German (Carolina's Story and Octavia) is the author of 16 cookbooks, four of which were New York Times best-sellers including The Bread Machine Cookbook Series, which have sold more than 3 million copies. The 1990's brought extensive media experience promoting her cookbooks, with appearances on such nationally respected programs as The Today Show, The 700 Club, Attitudes with Linda Dano, QVC, and a host of other radio and television programs.

Donna is a volunteer at the South Carolina Aquarium, where she has developed a keen interest in their sea turtle rescue program. It was there that she met Barbara Bergwerf, the photographer for Carolina's Story. Two of life's inspirations led to the writing of Carolina's Story: one day, several years ago, the dock master at the marina called to ask Donna to safeguard an injured sea turtle that stranded nearby. As she and her daughter waited for the rescue team to arrive, she began to think about the importance of helping endangered turtles thrive in their natural environment. The second inspiration occurred when Donna was introduced to the Sea Turtle Hospital. She recalled an incident from years before when her then five-year-old daughter was injured in a fall and had to be rushed to a nearby Children's Hospital. The terrifying experience of emergency surgery and the attendant tests and medications brought to mind the same treatments she was seeing with the turtles. She saw both experiences as a way to increase children's awareness and respect for the natural world, and wrote a book that is also an invaluable resource for educating children on what to expect from their own medical treatment. School Visit Info. 

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  This is a long-awaited, huge revision of the first, best, and by far the best-selling cookbook—with more than a million copies sold!—for automatic bread machines. The Bread Machine Cookbook contains more recipes, for more loaf sizes, tested on more machines! It also contains loads of updated information on newer bread machine models, allergy-sensitive baking, and new answers for frequently asked questions about homemade bread. If you only want one bread machine cookbook, this is it!   Still more original bread recipes, both traditional and cutting-edge, fill the third book in the Bread Machine Cookbook series. Special features include an in-depth discussion of ingredients and their substitutions, valuable tips on troubleshooting and sections on nut breads, toppings and fillings.   Readers from across the country present their favorite recipes in this delightful collection. Combined with the best bread-baking tricks and troubleshooting tips, these recipes are perfect for sharing. Each is fully tested on more than 40 makes and models of bread machines.
  The sixth book in the Bread Machine Cookbook series taps the creativity of the baker. It includes complete directions and illustrations for making a large variety of hand-shaped breads. Traditional breads, international breads and finishing touches are irresistible.   This miniature hardcover book has a magnet on the back so you can attach it to your refrigerator door, and a collection of great bread machine recipes inside.    
  This miniature hardcover book has a magnet on the back so you can attach it to your refrigerator door, and a collection of great pizza dough and topping recipes inside.   The classic nitty gritty® Sandwich Maker cookbook has been extensively revised and updated for modern kitchens. The sandwich maker is a fast, handy and unpretentious appliance which is extremely versatile. Make quick sandwiches for breakfast or lunch and fill them with unusual, tasty fillings; or try using bread dough or puff pastry to hold more exotic fillings.   It's easy to make pizza! You can make your own pizza with infinite variety, unsurpassed freshness, and great affordability. One meal of pizza can represent all of the basic food groups—and it can be as healthy as you wish to make it.
  The Pasta Machine Cookbook is a major revision of the first cookbook to focus on the pasta itself, rather than the sauces to go with it. It's full of new, improved recipes for both hand-cranked and electric pasta machines. Home-made pasta is quick, easy, and a delicious improvement over store-bought pasta. Pasta has fewer calories and carbs—and more protein—than rice or potatoes. All the recipes here are written for hand-cranked and electric machines. The Pasta Machine Cookbook includes sections on different types of pasta; hints on the machines, cooking, and serving; and a section on sauces, toppings, and fillings.   Our popular waffle book now includes recipes for the current rage, the pizzelle–that crisp, cookie-like cousin of the waffle. Make pizzelles on a waffle-type iron and serve them flat, rolled, stacked or filled. More than 100 recipes for waffle batters and toppings, and pizzelle recipes with and without fillings are found here.   This newly revised and updated cookbook has lots of recipes for savory fillings made from poultry, meat, seafood, cheese, vegetables and herbs; sweet fillings made with fruit, nuts, chocolate and cream cheese; ready-made wrappers and wrappers made from yeast and pastry dough. There is also extensive information about ingredients, food pairing suggestions and equipment – even a section on leftovers.
  Illustrated Children's Books
This heartwarming photographic journal describes a critically ill sea turtle as she is nursed back to health at a Sea Turtle Hospital, and then, she is returned to her home in the sea! Written by Donna Rathmell German and Photographs by Barbara Bergwerf.
Octavia just cannot get her colors right when she tries to shoot her purple ink cloud to protect herself! What will happen when a hungry shark shows up?  Written by Donna Rathmell German and Doreen Rathmell and Illustrated by Connie McLennan.    
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